I am an Iranian guy living abroad. I was born in Iran, speak persian fluently and still have friends and family there.

Due to the recent events and the lack of media coverage, I decided to translate all I could find by different means (twitter, facebook , reddit, persian sites, etc.) and put them here for the benefit of everyone. Feel free to copy the information but beware that although I try to verify what I post, rumors may sneak their way in.

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  1. lesobservateurs said,

    17/06/2009 à 4:25

    Il y a quelques jours, j’ai eu la même idée et je crois que c’est la chose la plus utile à faire en ce moment. Nous avons mis en place un petit réseau de traducteurs et ce serait bien de se coordonner. Voici notre blog : http://lesobservateurs.wordpress.com/ (lesobservateurs(at)gmail.com)

  2. Amir B. said,

    19/06/2009 à 4:20

    Thank You! For doing your part.

  3. Global friend said,

    28/12/2009 à 4:47

    I am a history student in America. I grew up in the wake of the fall, of the Berlin Wall (I was born in 1980). The Soviet Governments fell from the inside. They held all of the power, very little was given to the people. Most of the « Free world », does give a large part of the power to the people. Yes, many governments are not 100% perfect. People are not perfect. There will never be a Utopia, its impossible. But, it makes me sad, every day, when I here about how Iran just brutalizes its people, right or wrong. The religious laws, are changed at the whim of the case, to always verdict guilty. Much like the Witch Trials in the 1600’s here in Old America. I am glad to see, Iran has people in power, who want to change Iran into a government run by the people. But alais even my Government of America, is someone insane at times. I am shocked and proud, alot of Governments look to us for a model. Lets just be honest, all people are not born into this world Evil or Corrupt..

  4. 15/01/2010 à 7:31

    Hello – can you provide reverse translation?

    FYI – here is an Open letter in English to Iranian Expats, perhaps your Farsi speaking brethren living in Diaspora as well as the Western ‘green revolutionaries’ living in Iran, might like to read it as well:


    Thank you

    Zahir Ebrahim
    Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

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