It was the day of rumors and fear. A pro-Ahmadinejad manifestation was scheduled just one hour before the pro-Moussavi one, at practically the same place.

There were rumors of Basijis taking position inside the buildings around Vali-e-Asr place, getting ready to shoot at people. Some even talked of the army entering Tehran. But this was never confirmed. The difficulty of getting information out has helped spread these rumors, making us fearing a massacre.

The manifestation was finally scheduled at Vanac Place, in northern Tehran. Moussavi, who had called people to stay at home, fearing a « scheduled massacre » was not present. Protesters then moved towards the state’s TV’s headquarters, standing silently with signs reading: « Silence will triumph of guns ».

A few thousands also assembled silently in Tehran’s stadium, holding similar signs.

Things did not go as smoothly in Urumieh, a province in North West of Iran, where huge manifestations have taken place these days. The police have raided students’ dorms, stealing mobile phones and hitting protesters. Around 300 people are reported to have been arrested.

Today (Wednesday) another manifestation is scheduled at 16h in Tehran.


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