Several news this wednesday

A statistical analysis of the election’s results has been posted on slashdot. From the summary :

While he did not find significant indications of fraud, he does note that all the deviations from the predicted model are in Ahmadinejad’s favor: ‘In general, combining the 2005 and 2009 data conveys the impression that a substantial core of the 2009 results reflected natural political process… [These] stand in contrast to the unusual pattern in which all of the notable discrepancies between the support Ahmadinejad actually received and the support the model predicts are always negative. This pattern needs to be explained before one can have confidence that natural election processes were not supplemented with artificial manipulations.

There is a footall match today between Iran and South Corea. According to a friend from Tehran, Iranian players are wearing green wristbands to show their support.

Finally, Moussavi has given more details about today’s protests on facebook. Two places have been designated:

Haft-e-tir place which had been suggested after yesterday’s protests:

The second will start in front of the university of Tehran and go to Azadi (freedom) square, as decided monday.

Azadi square:


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